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An intelligent AI enabled video analytics platform to turn on-field gameplay videos into actionable intelligence. SportsVision is an AI enabled State of the Art platform powered by Deep Learning Algorithms to generate multiple insights such as automated action, event tagging, pose analysis, player tracker, tactical and gamechanging strategical analysis.

Salient Features of SportsVision

On-Field Analytics

SportsVision’s Player Tracker is a state-of-the-art tracker algorithm to track players, predefined objects and custom objects in a match flicks. It can detect the speed of players, track the flying trajectories, action areas inside a match and much more to improve the team’s performances.

Performance Analysis

Action and Event Tagging aims to recognize the actions and events from a match flicks reducing time spent for digital broadcasting companies. Our current AI model provides Boxing, Taekwondo, Diving, Tennis, Football, and Rugby actions and event tagging. SportsVision currently tags more than 20 actions of different sports.

Real-Time Analysis

Deep Learning when combined with Computer Vision, becomes extremely powerful and our Pose Estimation model marked body postures key-points for measuring angles and rotation. This can help in injury analysis. It corrects wrong body posture and helps with a training program.

Post Match Analytics

SportsVision’s machine-learning based algorithms generate
customized match analytics, highlighting the exciting
captures in just no time.

A Hallmark Platform for Athlete’s

Sport Centered & Customized Dashboards

Video Driven Analytics for Combat Sports

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Real—Time Analytics
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No Expensive Camera
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Market Size

The Artificial Intelligence Market in Sports market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.72 % between 2021 and 2026, owing to the increasing use of technology in most well-developed sports, as well as the falling prices of these services due to economies of scale, which are expected to be used at University and Junior Levels of various sports, as well as the technology’s expanding applications as it evolves year after year.

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