optimize & advance medical framework for

reinforced diagnosis

High Quality, Reproducible and Standardized Solutions

Our AI and ML tools are revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Healthcare organizations have amassed massive amounts of data in the form of health records and photographs, population data, claims data, and clinical trial data. Our solutions are perfectly adapted to make analyse this data and uncover patterns and insights. Healthcare units may leverage this to help them make better business and clinical decisions, as well as improve the quality of the experiences they give.

Salient Features

Computed tomography Segmentation

Our deep-learning-based 3D CT auto-segmentation technology delivers a customized, fast, robust, and high-quality solution for the advanced diagnosis of tumors.

3D Reconstruction

We created high-quality numerical simulations, classifiers, and software implementations for mapping tasks, resulting in unique and effective capabilities.

Surgery Planning & Navigation

We offer a fully functional AI module suite for orthopaedic surgery. These modules are infinitely configurable, with features like CT, MRI, and XRay segmentation, 2D and 3D landmark detection, and 2D-to-3D reconstruction.

Endoscopic Video Analysis

Using a fast, multi-scale, single-stage convolution neural network detector, a fully automatic framework is modelled to detect and classify different and segment artefacts.

Next Generation Medical Imaging Solution

AI to Drive Operational Efficiency

Domain-Optimized Medical Imaging

Multiple Modalities:

1. Endoscopy
2. Medical Segmentation
3. Ultrasound
4. Microscopy

Real-time analytics dashboard for patients’ data analysis
Centralized database for storing and tracking the records

Market Size

Growing technology improvements, combined with an increasing demand for efficient and innovative solutions to improve clinical and operational outcomes, are driving market expansion. Globally, the need to reduce spending is increasing as the cost of healthcare outpaces economic development. Healthcare IT advancements provide chances to save spending by enhancing service delivery and clinical outcomes. As a result, the need for AI technology is likely to grow in the future years.

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