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Vizworld Inc allows firms to experiment with AI for various purposes and provides a unique opportunity through AIaaS (AI as a Service) to take advantage of data-driven actionable insights without needing the massive up-front investment in talent and resources.

powering change with ai and deep learning

 AI is revolutionizing rapidly and changing how we conduct business in every industry across the globe. As it evolves, so do we all, from the visionaries, healers, and navigators to the creators, protectors, and teachers. It’s what drives us today. And what comes next.

Vizworld Inc is powering change and fueling business growth with AI

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How businesses use vizworld?


Our AI enabled State of the Art platform is used for Scouting, Athlete Monitoring and to generate On Field, Off Field, Post Match & Real Time Performance Analytics.


Our solutions are perfectly adapted to analyze the data in health records, claims data, and clinical trial data and uncover patterns and insights.


Our solutions are designed to reduce traffic congestion, CO2 emissions, and traffic accidents by customizing and deploying edge and hybrid-cloud-based autonomous control systems.

Vizworld Labs

Vizworld Labs aims at enabling educational institutions to create an ecosystem to foster learning, creativity, and innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, and Robotics.

Retail & Manufacturing

Retailers and industries can use our solutions to improve demand forecasting, pricing, and product positioning.

Smart Security Devices

Our video analytics modules handle the assurance of the safety of customers, employees, and property.

Our Solutions

Fully-managed machine learning services

Cognitive computing APIs

Machine learning frameworks

How We Work?

Vizworld AI helps infuse continuous intelligence in your enterprise processes by dramatically improving business productivity, decreasing costs, and boosting ROI. When you partner up with us, our expert team ensures that they

How We Work

Analyze the ML/DL needs and requirements of your enterprise


Provide skilled resources to determine the ML/DL models


Integrate and design solutions around online ML services